Monday, April 23, 2007

New Music Apr. 23

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(RnB) Candy Girl - Bobby Valentino (Produced by Tim & Bob) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Can U Get Away - Goldie Loc feat. Ray J. & Snoop Dogg (Produced by David Banner) *Rating: 10/10*

(RnB) Are U A Performa - Trey Songz feat. Yung Joc *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/RnB) She Got It - 2 Pistols feat. Akon *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Back From Hiatus - Rell feat. Green Lantern (Produced by Green Lantern) *Rating: 8/10*

(RnB) Video - Johnta Austin feat. Unk *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Go Dumb - Sisqo feat. Mikel C. *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) I Got It - Mason Dixie (Produced by Nitti) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Sunglasses - Rick Ross feat. Blood Raw *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) I.M.G. - The Frontline *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) This Is How I Go - A.M. Kidd *Rating: 8/10*

(Hyphy) Kalifornia - Yukmouth feat. Akon *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) Why You Smilin' - Andre Nickatina feat. Equipto *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Dat Goose - Dem Franchize Boyz feat. Calico *Rating: 9/10*

(Reggae) Church Heathen - Shaggy *Rating: 7/10*

(Rap) Who's Ur Daddy - Sisqo *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Cold Day In V.A. - Question *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Jump Fresh - Supa Stishun *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) You Nasty - Lil' Wayne feat. Young Money (Produced by Neptunes) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Back On My Grizzy - Lil' Wayne (Produced by Scott Storch) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Grindin' - Young Bop feat. Sav Sicc *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Laff At 'Em (Give It To Me Remix) - Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Clean Up Man - Young Buck *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris *Rating: 10/10*

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The Major said...

whatsup propz on the link, gotcha back too... like the site, keep it! i'll be back often gettin my west coast fix--peace