Friday, June 1, 2007

West Coast Vaccine (The Cure) - Turf Talk [Album]

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1. Intro feat. Akronems (Produced By Nick Fury)
2. Bring The Base Back (Produced By Rick Rock)
3. Doe Boy feat. E-40 & B-Legit (Produced By Droop-E)
4. Record Company (Skit)
5. Super Star feat. Locksmith (Produced By E-A-Ski & CMT)
6. I Got Chips feat. E-40 (Produced By Rick Rock)
7. That's That Turf Talk (Produced By Tha Bizness)
8. Broke Niggas (Produced By Droop-E)
9. Popo's feat. E-40 (Produced By Droop-E)
10. Back In The Day feat. Cartoon & Jelly Roll (Produced By Rome)
11. Money On Ya Head feat. Knockamichie (Produced By Rick Rock)
12. Holla At You feat. Rick Rock (Produced By Rick Rock)
13. Sick Wid It Is The Crew Ft. E-40 (Produced By Jake 1)
14. X feat. Yukmouth (Produced By Rick Rock)
15. Liquor Store (Skit)
16. I'm Ghetto (Produced By Rick Rock)
17. Stop Snitchin' feat. E-40 (Produced By Droop-E)
18. Minnie Minnie feat. Freeway (Produced By Droop-E)
19. Rippah feat. Too Short (Produced By Troy Sanders)
20. Shinnin' (Produced By LA)
21. Groupie (Produced By Traxamillion)

*Rating: 10/10*


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