Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Music Apr. 23

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(RnB) Candy Girl - Bobby Valentino (Produced by Tim & Bob) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Can U Get Away - Goldie Loc feat. Ray J. & Snoop Dogg (Produced by David Banner) *Rating: 10/10*

(RnB) Are U A Performa - Trey Songz feat. Yung Joc *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/RnB) She Got It - 2 Pistols feat. Akon *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Back From Hiatus - Rell feat. Green Lantern (Produced by Green Lantern) *Rating: 8/10*

(RnB) Video - Johnta Austin feat. Unk *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Go Dumb - Sisqo feat. Mikel C. *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) I Got It - Mason Dixie (Produced by Nitti) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Sunglasses - Rick Ross feat. Blood Raw *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) I.M.G. - The Frontline *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) This Is How I Go - A.M. Kidd *Rating: 8/10*

(Hyphy) Kalifornia - Yukmouth feat. Akon *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) Why You Smilin' - Andre Nickatina feat. Equipto *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Dat Goose - Dem Franchize Boyz feat. Calico *Rating: 9/10*

(Reggae) Church Heathen - Shaggy *Rating: 7/10*

(Rap) Who's Ur Daddy - Sisqo *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Cold Day In V.A. - Question *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Jump Fresh - Supa Stishun *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) You Nasty - Lil' Wayne feat. Young Money (Produced by Neptunes) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Back On My Grizzy - Lil' Wayne (Produced by Scott Storch) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Grindin' - Young Bop feat. Sav Sicc *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Laff At 'Em (Give It To Me Remix) - Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Clean Up Man - Young Buck *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) A Bay Bay - Hurricane Chris *Rating: 10/10*

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rap/Rock. How does it sound?

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(Rap) Freak Show - O.D. (Produced by Pit) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Party Like A Rock Star - Shop Boyz (Produced by Pit) *Rating: 10/10*

I personally like the rap/rock beats and I think that it matches well with the song, especially "Rock Star". I'll keep you updated on both the O.D. boys and the Shop Boyz. Be on the look out for the new producer, Pit, who used an electric guitar to make his beats. Sounds good to me, hope you like it..

New Music Apr. 21

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(Hyphy) Speakers On Blap - Balance feat. Big Rich (Produced by Traxamillion) *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Clap, Clap - Renz Julian feat. Clyde Carson (Produced by Traxamillion) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Get Right - J-Bo Of The Young Bloodz feat. Keak Da Sneak *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) V.I.P. - O.D. *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) 2 Step Remix - Unk feat. T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40 *Rating: 10/10*

(RnB) By My Side - Akon feat. Trazz *Rating: 8/10*

(RnB) Hydrolic - B5 feat Bow Wow & Diddy *Rating: 9/10*

(RnB) Only One - Bobby Valentino (Produced by Tim & Bob) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Bucket - Bohagon (Produced by Lil' Jon) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Streets - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. The Game & Will.I.Am *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Candy Paint - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Swizz Beatz *Rating: 10/10*

(RnB) Cruzin' - Damizza feat. Butch Cassidy *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Lean Like A Cholo - Down *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) I Am So Fly - Fratt House feat. Daz Dillinger *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Wipe Me Down Remix - Lil' Boosie feat. Lil' Webbie *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Represtent 4 Da South - Lil' Wayne feat. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Clothes Off - Nina Sky feat. Daytona *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Take Off - Plies (Produced by Mr. Collipark) *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Shake - Provoke *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Donkey Kong - Ray L. feat. Akon (Produced by Akon) *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Body Bags - The Game *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Ugh Remix - Dem Hoodstarz feat. E-40, Too Short, Big Rich & Beeda Weeda (Produced by Droop-E) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Oooh Shawty - Usher feat. Sean Paul Of The Young Bloodz *Rating: 9/10*

(Reggae) Whine Up - Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man *Rating: 9/10*

Featuring Mannie Fresh, from Baby Boy's album "Across The Water".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dedicated to the victims of Virgina Tech

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(Rap) Time After Time - Lil' Flip *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Rain Rain Go Away - Jin *Rating: 10/10*

New single from T-Pain

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(RnB) Bartender - T-Pain feat. Akon *Rating: 10/10*

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The start of the "Punk Rock" movement?

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(Hyphy) Punk Rock Remix - Diligentz feat. The Pack, Young Bob & Sef *Rating: 10/10*

At the forefront of the Bay Area's Punk Rock movement is Diligentz, a group of four young, talented and gifted rappers, each with their own distinct personalities and style. Born and raised in various parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, group members Jay Ant, Star, Pranksta The Kidd and Damey, formed the group while in high school.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

New songs/video from The Alliance

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(Rap) Tattoo - The Alliance feat. Fabo *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Goin' Digital - The Alliance *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Not That Serious - The Alliance *Rating: 6/10*

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New single from Ali & Gipp

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(Rap/Hip-hop) (Almost) Made Ya - Ali & Gipp feat. Letoya (Produced by Jermaine Dupri) *Rating: 9/10*

Streetz (New upcoming artist)

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(Rap/Hip-hop) Street Nigga - Streetz *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Patti Cake Man - Streetz (Produced by Nitti) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Waffle House - Streetz (Produced by Nitti) *Rating: 9/10*

Founded by Nitti a.k.a Rick Flaire in the depths of Nassau, Bahamas, now placed in Atlanta, Georgia. Expect more from this man soon because anything with a "Nitti Beat" will soon blow (Yung Joc)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Because Of You - Ne-Yo [Album]

"Because Of You" is the upcoming sophomore album from Ne-Yo,
the album is to be released on the April 24, 2007.

1. Because Of You
2. Crazy (Feat. Jay-Z)
3. Can We Chill
4. Do You
5. Addicted
6. Leaving Tonight (Feat. Jennifer Hudson)
7. Ain't Thinking About You
8. Sex With My Ex
9. Angel
10. Make It Work
11. Say It
12. Go On Girl

*Rating: 10/10*


New single from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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(Rap/Hip-hop) Lil' Love - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Mariah Carey and Bow Wow *Rating: 9/10*

New single from T.I.

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(Rap/Hip-hop) Big Shit Poppin' - T.I. (Produced by Mannie Fresh) *Rating: 10/10*

This is the first single of his upcoming album " T.I. vs. T.I.P."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Music Apr.11

New site created by me...Blake. I'll be posting a bunch of new music, videos and other news. If you have any requests, just hit me up on my AIM: BLAKEequalsHYPHY or my MySpace page HERE. ENJOY!!!

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(Rap/Hip-hop) Make Me Better - Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo (Produced by Timbaland) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Shady Baby - Obie Trice feat. Eminem (Produced by Eminem) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap) Money Good - Young Buck (Produced by Lil' Jon) *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap) Boyz-N-Tha-Hood - Lil' Easy-E *Rating: 8/10*

(Rap) Toes Down - David Banner feat. The Chopper City Boyz *Rating: 7/10*

(Rap) Coffee Shop - Yung Joc feat. Gorilla Zoe (Produced by Don Vito) *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) Superstar - Turf Talk feat. Locksmith *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) Sicker Than Your Average - Traxamillion feat. Mistah F.A.B., Thunderbird and Turf Talk *Rating: 9/10*

(Hyphy) Top 8 - Mistah F.A.B. *Rating: 7/10*

(Hyphy) Rock Like This - Drino *Rating: 8/10*

(Hyphy) Money Cash Hoes - Young Squad (Produced by Young L.) *Rating: 8/10*

(Hyphy) Go Down - Kaz Kyzah *Rating: 8/10*

(Hyphy) Be Like Me - E-40 feat. B-Legit and Mistah F.A.B. *Rating: 8/10*

(RnB) Make It Work - Ne-Yo *Rating: 9/10*

(RnB) Drugz - Ne-Yo *Rating: 8/10*

(RnB) I Hate That I Love You - Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo *Rating: 10/10*

(Reggae/RnB) The Way She Moves - Zion feat. Akon (Produced by Akon) *Rating: 9/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) Studio 54 - J-Bo Of The Young Bloodz feat. T-Pain *Rating: 10/10*

(Reggae) More Gals - Sean Paul feat. Nina Sky *Rating: 7/10*

(Rap/Hip-hop) What A Job - Devin The Dude feat. Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 *Rating: 10/10*

(Rap/Reggae) Colors - Sean Kingston feat. The Game and Rick Ross (Produced by JR Rotem) *Rating: 9/10*

Check out T-Pain's new video for "Buy U A Drank(Shawty Snappin)" featuring Yung Joc. The single is off his sophomore album "Epiphany", which scheduled to drop June 12th.

Going back old school to my "Back Then" music video. Created by Blake & Chris in 2005.