Saturday, May 9, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: L.A. & Mr. Music

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Check out the these new guys from Chicago. They have a different type of style, but I'm digging it. Mr. Music uses auto tune (like T-Pain), but it isn't that annoying and L.A. has like a British accent or something. His flow is really smooth and different than your average rapper. Their beats have an electronic/RnB style to it, I really can't categorize it. The order they are in now starts off with my favorite track, but really, they are ALL really good. Different vibe for me, but all you RnB people will appreciate this. Remember, you heard it HERE first. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

*Rap* Predator - L.A. and Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*RnB/Rap* Deja Vu feat. L.A. - Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap/RnB* One Nite Girl - L.A. and Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap/Hip-hop* The Journey (Produced by Mr. Music)- L.A. *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap/RnB* I Want You Back Now (Produced by Mr. Music) - L.A. *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap/Hip-hop* Wake Up feat. S-Preme (Produced by Mr. Music) - L.A. *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap/RnB* Number One Provider feat. Alexis (Produced by Mr. Music) - L.A. *Rated: 10/10*

*RnB* Made Up Your Mind - Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*RnB* For The Longest Time - Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*RnB/Rap* Makin' Me Sweat Remix feat. L.A. and Natella - Mr. Music *Rated: 10/10*

*Rap* I Was Born With Headphones Attached To My Earlobes (Produced by Mr. Music) - L.A. *Rated: 10/10*

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