Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Whateva - Federation [Album]

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1. Playtime Is Over
2. 18 Dummy Skit
3. 18 Dummy
4. Get Naked You Beezy
5. College Girl Skit (Feat. Pimpin' Rico)
6. College Girl
7. Got Me Fucked Up
8. From The Bay
9. My Rimz
10. Happy I Met You (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
11. Scraper 2 A Benz (Feat. E-40)
12. She Go (Feat. Marty Jones)
13. New Baby Daddy
14. We On Yo Line (Feat. Ca$his)
15. Black Roses
16. Jail Skit (Feat. Battle Locco)
17. Fly Away
18. When I Was Yo Man Skit (Feat. Doonie Baby)
19. When I Was Yo Man
20. Bang Bang
21. Break Your Face

*Rating: 10/10*


***Been waiting 3 years for this!!! All the tracks are produced by Rick Rock, so you know I'll slap. Enjoy!***


Anonymous said...

Can U Put the Federation Cd in a Compressed Folder because I can't download on rar thanks if you can

also can you get that crank dat freestyle by Lil Wayne

Anonymous said...

hey blake you should up a fatty tracks post to get the new monthly playlist started!

do what you can cutty

Anonymous said...

wow this blog is lagging