Monday, October 15, 2007

Big Hyphy post

Click links to listen/download

(Hyphy) Go Gurl - Circus The Kid & Rich Lawson *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Aligators - Diligentz *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) 510 - Sho City feat. The Team *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Side 2 Side - Kafani *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Boom Boom - Stunnaman *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) I'm On Tour - Stunnaman *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Drugs - Stunnaman *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) I'm The Teacher - Lil' B *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Cross That Line - Diligentz *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Go Dumb U.S.A. - Tha Gift feat. Mistah F.A.B. *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Start Again - Tha Gift *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Stroke Ya Body - Diligentz *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Innocent Girl - Diligentz *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) All Bad - Young Squad *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) S.S. Freestyle - Young L. *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) My Jays - Bailey *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Go Dumb Don't Be Dumb - Bailey *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Sneak Come Out At Night - Keak Da Sneak *Rating: 10/10*

(Hyphy) Coast 2 Coast - Slap Squad *Rating: 10/10*

In My Car Music Video - The Pack


Anonymous said...

oh my god, i swear you got the best blog running.

much appreciated mayne

Anonymous said...

dude the vid is
fukin dope!!

Anonymous said...

wow in my car video GOES fucking hard. unique as shit, i hope it does well. also that coast 2 coast shit by slap squad or w/e goes fucking hard too...good shit man

Anonymous said...

nice. shit go hard. cant wait to bump these in my car.

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