Monday, October 22, 2007

Feedback Please!!!

I've been working on a project for school that requires me to produce my own song. Tell me what you think of this one beat. I got the idea from the "SAW" theme song if you haven't noticed. I made this like an hour ago so bare with me, it's not even half way done yet so it's just a little sample. Any suggestions or thoughts? Please leave some feedback. Thanks!

It changes up near the 2 minute mark. It's twice as long as the one above. I added a little more bass and some other random sounds. The ending is totally different so tell me what you think. I'll master the beat by the end of the week, so stay tuned. In the mean time, any suggestions?

This is pretty much it. It took me two days to do. If you have any ideas, feel free to throw them at me. I want to hear your guys opinions please. Feedback is appreciated! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

sounds like should use more bass like drum patterns

BLAKEequalsHYPHY said...

ya i used bonecrusher's "ATTENCHUNNN!!!" lol. nd bonecrusher did make a remix of the saw theme song. so i kinda tied them in together. he literally used the exact same beat at the theme song..just added a lil more bass nd a clap haha

Anonymous said...

did you use a comp program to make the beat?

BLAKEequalsHYPHY said...

ya FL studio. i dont have a key board connected to my comp either. thats why it sounds kind of choppy

mitz said...

i lyk it :) luv hw u'v blended all da beats 2geva - sounds clean :) if uno wa i mean - dnt kno da technical terms lol. da updated version iz gr8, sumin i wud lsn 2 - hpe ur project goes well :) xx

Anonymous said...

not caring soo much for the keyboard shit..but i think you should of went with like more bass and deeper drums and still kept the bonecrusher bit.either way you should get an A+